We are committed to transforming our education system so that all children, regardless of their background, thrive and prosper.
To unify the world as one family in order to produce successful, responsible and creative global citizens who, in turn, will strive for excellence
  and the progress of society.
To provide global quality of education coupled with values in a technologically supported environment at an affordable cost.

At PVS, our mission is to deliver a rigorous and collaborative 21st century education where students discover a lifelong love of learning. To achieve all round development of the student though different activities and value education and thereby to establish a society based on unity, equality and justice. Our mission is

To provide intellectual, social, cultural and spiritual development.
To launch an educational initiative that will groom a new generation of students to become leaders of tomorrow.
To make the school a global centre of excellence.
To have all-round development through cultural activities, sports and games, picnics and pilgrimages.
To create social awareness, concern for the poor and downtrodden, spirit o service.
To expand the scope and reach of the institution, upgrading it over the next few years, so that it offers education from Kindergarten right up to post-graduation and professional courses as well.
To provide training programs timely for Faculty.
To give guidance and counseling for students and parents.
To establish just and egalitarian society