Teachers at PVS bring diverse teaching experiences from some of the finest learning schools in the country. What brings them together at PVS is their deep commitment to children and their pursuit of excellence as educators. PVS teachers are
Experts in their field
Passionate educators
Responsive instructors
Master collaborators
Avid researchers

Along with academic faculty, PVS employs faculty specialists in the areas of Physical Education, Art & Craft, Dance, Music, Science, Technology, Language, Sports and Yoga instructions.

Teacherís Training

At PVS we believe that first the teachers should be educated and then only the child can be taught properly. Therefore, all teachers will undergo special training programmes to understand the nuances of raising a child and managing their lives. We hold regular sessions teachers in order that their learningís are enhanced and they are thus able to teach the child in the best manner.

Specialised Training

  All the Teachers have to undergo the specialised PVS training that enables them to understand and handle the Children.

Weekly review meetings

  We hold weekly meetings of the teachers in order to discuss the progress of the class. These meetings are minuted and reviewed regularly.

PVTWD for teachers

  Once a month, we have Pearls Valley Togetherness and Workshop Day (PVTWD). This provides the teachers with more advanced teaching