OGC is a unique concept that provides a platform to children where they can develop themselves in physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual areas through many fun-filled activities.

Ideology of the OGC programme

The ideology of the OGC programme is based upon a scientific fact: The brain size grows 50% in the first four years and 30% in the next four years. Thus the maximum absorption of knowledge and information is from 0 to 8 years. All the activities of the OGC programs aim at enhancing the whole brain development of the child.

What is the OGC ?
The OGC Programme is an indigenous concept where the children ages 3-8 are exposed to various activities; where emphasis is laid on imparting knowledge and awareness to them through fun and play using various mediums like dance, karate, music, vocal, Sanskrit, rhythm, art & craft, keyboard, skating, gymnastics, chess, pottery and computer. The programme is structured to develop the left and right sides of the brain. The OGC programme is based on the concept of multiple intelligences where in the focus is on developing all the 8 different types of intelligences. viz:
Verbal/Linguistic Intelligence 
Mathematical/Logical Intelligence 
Visual/Spatial Intelligence 
Musical/Rhythmic Intelligence 
Body/Kinaesthetic Intelligence 
Inter personal Intelligence 
Intra personal Intelligence 
Naturalist Intelligence

What is so special about the OGC programme ?
The specialty of the OGC is that these are not just extracurricular activities as commonly seen. Here we aim at introducing our children to the various activities wherein they are given an opportunity to explore their potential at an early age that helps them to decide their field of interest.

What we develop at OGC ?

We Teach





Musical intelligence, Inter-personal Intelligence, Logical Intelligence,Linguistic Intelligence, Kinaesthetic Intelligence.



Inter-personal Intelligence, Intra-personal Intelligence, Logical Intelligence, Musical Intelligence, Kinaesthetic Intelligence.



Inter-personal Intelligence, Logical Intelligence, Musical Intelligence, Intra-personal Intelligence.



Intra-personal Intelligence, Kinaesthetic Intelligence, Spatial Intelligence, Inter-personal Intelligence



Kinaesthetic Intelligence, Linguistic Intelligence, Inter-personal Intelligence.



Intra-personal Intelligence, Spatial Intelligence, Kinaesthetic Intelligence.



Kinaesthetic Intelligence, Logical Intelligence, Spatial Intelligence, Inter-personal Intelligence.



Visual Intelligence, Logical Intelligence.



Visual Intelligence, Intra-personal Intelligence, Kinaesthetic Intelligence.



Logical Intelligence, Visual Intelligence.

Art & Craft


Linguistic Intelligence, Visual Intelligence, Kinaesthetic intelligence, Intra-personal Intelligence.